Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry (Christ)mas!!!!

Dear Family and Friends~
     I couldn't find a picture of Chet and myself that I like so you will have to live with one that is a few years old. Chet hasn't grown his facial hair all the way back yet for mine and James' birthdays. So he wouldn't pose for the camera. I hope that this year finds you all happy and healthy!! I am going to go with pictures this year because I am writing this all by myself. Chet said bah humbug when it came to helping me. I guess that means I could write anything I wanted and he couldn't say a thing about it. But I guess being nice would be better. We have had a great year. Just a little run down. We sent Chrys away to Ohio for 2 years in March. Not that we don't love him, we thought that a mission would help him grow up a little. It has done wonders so far. We got to see all our kids and grandkids twice, bonus!! March and July was great!! We went to New Mexico and Chelsie and Chuck met us there at Chet Michael's and Jaime's. We also got to go to California for Chet's sisters wedding in November. A Robinson reunion!! It was a great trip!! So now I am going to post some pictures of the kids and grandkids. Enjoy!

     So here is Chet Michael and Jaime. They are loving New Mexico, maybe Utah will love them someday? Livvy is 10 and Harris is 6. Disney is also a part of the family so she had to be in the picture. Livvy got braces and an expander this year. Harris had a bad fall in and knocked his front teeth out. They love school and going to the Zoo. I don't blame them, I love their Zoo!!

     And here are Chuck and Chelsie. Loving Arkansas and maybe Utah someday? I know I say this every year. Tyler is 8, Caleb is 6 and Jackson is 4. In this house, just like with Liv and Harris, it's all about the Bey Blade. Did you know these boys can dance? They put on a show for us. But when you have a cool Dad and a Mom that is a dancer that is what you get. They are doing awesome in school and Jackson gets to spend his time with Mommy.

     What!? Nate got engaged!? Finally!! And here is the proof....Ashlee!! Mark your calendars for March people. They met at work then Ashlee moved in with her Grandma in Ogden. So now we don't see them much because Nate goes there on the weekends. But hey, if they are happy we are happy!! They also have the cutest dog Scruffy!! So here's to new beginnings!!

     Elder Chrys as we call him now. He is doing well in Xenia, Ohio right now. He is still sending people to his facebook page. It's nice to have the members put pictures on of him and send messages back and forth. We also have been able to get on at the same time when he is emailing. But the best part about Christmas is we get to talk to him!! So if you don't hear from us for a little bit, we are busy talkin' to the Elder!!

Now we are to James. I asked him which picture he wanted on here and he chose my favorite one of him and Chrys. This is powdered sugar from little doughnuts. I know this is an older picture, but I love it and so does James. Well we are surviving the 8th grade. James loves that he can have us all to himself when he wants to. We love to torture him and he loves to torture us back. I have to say I do end up in the dog pile when I really didn't mean to. He also likes that he is now taller than me. As it should be is what I say.    

     Being a Grandma I need to add one of the sweet pictures of my loves. They keep me going!!

     I hope that this year has been a good one for you. I hope that you have love in your families. May you all have a very Merry (Christ)mas and a Happy New Year!!
                                                                                                 Love~  Chet, Wendy & my awesome

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